Benefits of updating vmware tools truth in dating

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Benefits of updating vmware tools

Recently VMware made VMware Tools version 10.0.0 available as a standalone download.This version is now an official downloadable component of v Sphere 6.0 with its own Release Notes document and a download page in My VMware.However, you can get an easy overview by looking at my ESXi Patches site which summarizes all updated VIB packages of every ESXi (5.x and 6.0) patch and provides links to all those KB articles.As examples you will find that the release notes of the VMware Tools embedded in ESXi 6.0 U1 are in KB2124717, and the release notes of those embedded in ESXi 5.5 U3 are in KB2110233.

Myth #1: Finally we have Release Notes for VMware Tools People are complaining a lot about that they have no insight in what was changed or fixed with the various VMware Tools updates that happened in the past.It also allows the ESXi host to upgrade Tools automatically on VM startup, and in combination with v Center and Update Manager you can even orchestrate a VMware Tools update for multiple or all of your VMs. For a lot of people it is confusing that a VM's Tools Status (Current vs.So the VMware Tools were embedded into ESXi, because this enabled VMware to implement powerful functionality into ESXi and v Center for deploying VMware Tools on your VMs and keeping them up-to-date. Out-of-date) that is displayed in the v Sphere Client and the Web Client depends on the patch level of the ESXi host that runs the VM.Making version 10.0 available as a "stand-alone" download with its own Release Notes page is supposed to change this.But, well, the original assumption is wrong: For every updated VIB package of ESXi VMware publishes a dedicated KB article that describes the updates.

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If you follow VMware's documentation for a manual installation or upgrade (e.g.