Dating a rand mcnally globe

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Dating a rand mcnally globe

Cram Company Geographers A-Z Map Company Geographia H. Gousha Company Hagstrom Map Company Midwest Map Company National Automobile Club (San Francisco) Novo Print USA, Inc.Rand Mc Nally USGS Topographic Maps A number which often appears on the panel or in the margin of a map.C - 1 U - 2 M - 3 B - 4 E - 5 R - 6 L - 7 A - 8 N - 9 D - 0 The website for the Road Map Collectors Association (linked above), contains a list of Date Codes used by Rand Mc Nally and H. During much of this period, an explicit statement of date appears somewhere in the map, such as in the legend.This allows for construction of a list of proper dates.(Source: David Cobb, Harvard Map Collection)Based on an e-mail exchange between Louise Ratliff and Morgan Yates.

Finally, the last digit of the code is the last digit of the year of issue.In May, 1952, the company moved from New York City to Convent Station, N. Substitute numbers for the following letters to get the month and year: A - 0 B - 9 C - 8 D - 7 E - 6 F - 5 G - 4 H - 3 I - 2 J - 1 At the bottom left corner of each map (usually) are some letters.If you substitute numbers for letters in the world CUMBERLAND to get month and year the map was published. Sometimes this code is the only indication of the date. Below is a table containing the two-letter date codes for maps published by H. Gousha during the last three decades of that company's existence.If the code contains three digits, the first digit appears to reference the base map.If the code contains four digits, the first two digits reference the base map.

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Around 1810 he had produced his first globe, and by 1818 he and his sons had established an "artificial globe manufactory" in Albany, New York, where they produced globes of three-inch, nine-inch, and thirteen-inch diameters.