Updating directx on vista

Posted by / 19-Oct-2017 18:42

Updating directx on vista

Eventually I'll have to migrate, but even then I'd still like to keep my Vista machine as an offline device to run these programs. Well, it's true that 7's Windows Update Agent should be working with Vista too.But Vista is used by 1.5% of the world, so the guys at Microsoft don't care. Look at the games that don't officially support Vista, but after you install Direct X 11 they just launch and work as they should.The Windows Update Agent (wuaueng.dll) v7.6.7600.256 for Vista that seems to be causing these "" hangs hasn't been updated since June 2012, and I suspect that there won't be a permanent fix for this problem unless Microsoft releases a patch for this WUA before extended support for Vista ends on 11-Apr-2017. ------------ Cheers, I figured out the steps from reading the thread. Turns out I'm only missing the latest KB so it's not that painful to upgrade.Pretty much you just need an extra restart cycle after the KB installed.I use Vista without updating it for 7 months (on my brother's laptop, for who has read my thread when I was asking for Virus help) and it's fine. There is no point of upgrading to a new OS, as I said.Not even Direct X 12, as the games still support Direct X 11 and most probably will for the next 5 years or so.

I would've abandoned MS completely if the alternatives don't suck even more.But I'm not taking that chance unless I'm 100% sure a random malware isn't going to brick my system.Honestly, probably getting a new computer is easier.Very very frustrating and has been like that for the last few months and seems to be getting worse.Usually everything gets updated eventually, but this month it has been a week and it's still like that.

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I actually have a Win10 machine that I bought 2 years ago (upgraded from 8.1). All other stuff that I can still do with my Vista, I do it on my old laptop.