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Who is shontelle dating

Her second album, No Gravity, was released in September 2010.Her singles, "T-Shirt", and "Impossible", achieved modest international success. But I also grew up watching my aunt perform and all the other local acts from Barbados as well. My first record was - well actually I got two at the same time as a gift from my aunt. Shontelle: I really do think Michael Jackson was the first star to really hit me in a major way, where I saw myself doing what he was doing. But after watching Disney's , I really more than ever before, wanted to be "part of that world." I really wanted to be Ariel, tail and all.The album's title was given to her by the album's engineer who used the word "shontelligence" as a joke after Shontelle and her producers were playing a game that involved making up words from her name.

I always listened to my parents' Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder albums and they listened to a lot of Motown music like Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye and legends like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Prince, Madonna, Donny Hathaway, my favorite voice ever, and Ella Fitzgerald. Usher "My Way" and Brandy "Never Say Never." The first album I ever bought was The Fugees "The Score." Good stuff right? Shontelle: Growing up Barbados isn't much different than growing up anywhere in America, except that Barbados is a tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

I was down with the avant garde, the musicians, the geeks and nerds, the goths, the emo, the jocks, even the different religious groups. Shontelle: It's very hard to date because I'm never in the same place for long enough. I carry my home and my life on my back and I just go.

I kinda just always loved interacting with all kinds of people. Not having stability in your own life can be dangerous when you decide to involve another person. CG: What's the most surprising thing in your i Pod right now?

And learning something about life from their perspective. I was dating the same guy in Barbados for six years. We tried to keep going for years after I had to leave Barbados.

I always want to know what others are feeling and how they think. But I have learned that we're all much more alike than we think. CG: You went to school for entertainment law - what was that experience like? I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry. My aunt Kim Derrick has a popular band in Barbados and I grew up around it all. I was actually pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Law. We thought we were doing well but one day it snapped and we were broken. Date deal breakers usually include, they guy being too much into himself, not seeming attentive or focused, if he's rude to others or disrespectful.

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Both failed to chart on the Hot 100, however both managed to chart on the Pop songs chart.