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It becomes increasingly clear how unfamiliar Vanessa is with the whole conceit, because lady, he can't reassure you the way you want him to.Anyway they hug, have a cringeworthy kiss, and are confused together before then she leaves into the snowy darkness.At this point, people in the live studio audience are crying. Nick says, “I’m going to ask Vanessa to marry me,” in the same tone of voice someone would use to say they’re going to bury their dog. Some very dramatic music plays as her limo shows up, which makes it seem like she's going to say no or he's going to chicken out. A proposal and a ring from Neil Lane is not a baby step!!!! Rachel's season of The Bachelorette is starting RIGHT NOW ON LIVE TELEVISION! There's too much badness about this segment to get into here, so we'll just mention the obvious low moment: when her suitor Dean says, "I'm ready to go black, and I'm never gonna go back." I (Rachel, the writer) shouted "OH MY GOD" at the television.And yet, she walks up to the proposal stand and he talks first, telling her he’s in love with her and has been since the second rose ceremony. We still can't believe this incredible exchange happened... In a move that made us lose many ounces of respect for Nick, he lets her launch into a speech for him telling him how much she loves him. Nick stutters and weeps through his ensuing break-up speech, telling her he doesn’t know if he's in love with her.

This isn’t Kardashian’s first encounter with Sediuk—she was ambushed by him in 2014 at a Balmain show. Turns out this was the season that Bella Hadid would take her inaugural tumble. She's wearing a pale blue dress with sparkles — very on the nose for a potential snowy Finland proposal — and it's topped off with a fabulous cape.Chris Harrison is very somber as he leads her into Nick's wooden shed.As we bid adieu to the Spring 2017 shows, we’re taking a look back at the wildest moments, from amazing to downright WTF?!In quite possibly one of the most face-palm-inducing moves, VFiles mentor Young Thug got up mid-show to fix a model’s collar.

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